The Africa Medical Marketplace is revolutionizing healthcare in Africa.

As a subsidiary of Gusta-Vines Medical Supplies, we serve as a comprehensive online business to business marketplace for the laboratory, diagnostic, surgical, scientific, analytical, pharmacy, and biomedical engineering industries. Registered in Nigeria and Kenya, we provide local support and understanding to our customers.

Our Mission

To transform healthcare accessibility and excellence in Africa and beyond by providing an innovative, inclusive, and technology-driven platform. we are dedicated to connecting medical professionals, suppliers, and biomedical engineers, fostering collaboration, and delivering accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare solutions that empower grass root communities and save lives.

Our Vision

To lead the evolution of healthcare in Africa, creating a future where cutting-edge technology, robust partnerships, and unwavering commitment ensure equitable, world-class healthcare for all.

We aspire to be the driving fore behind a healthier, more connected, and prosperous Africa, where healthcare is a universal right, and communities thrive on well-being.

Our core values

They include teamwork, accessibility, affordability, personalization, innovation, service, transparency, and networking. We believe in working together and leveraging the expertise of healthcare providers, patients, and biomedical engineers to create a platform that offers unparalleled access to quality medical care and products.

Our goal

To increase healthcare access for undeserved regions in Africa by 20% within the next five years through the expansion of our platform and services, facilitating the purchase and maintenance of medical equipment, and fostering collaboration among healthcare stakeholders.



Bringing professionals with diverse skills and expertise together to improve healthcare access and quality in Africa


Providing medical and laboratory supplies that are easily accessible to Africa and the international community


Staying at the forefront of the industry through ongoing research and market exploration


Offering affordable prices that meet customers' budget constraints


Building strong relationships and networks in the medical and laboratory industries


Operating with integrity and transparency in all aspects of the business


Customizing solutions to meet customers' unique needs


Providing exceptional customer service