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    Dear Sir,
    Hopefully you're doing good. Adat Surgical Corporation is an industry leader in research,design,development and manufacturing of Surgical,Dental and Veterinary Instruments with dependable quality that functions under the most demanding conditions.Our Instruments made with high quality stainless steels with special sterilization capacity. Our fine instruments are hand crafted for precision and durability.We are dedicated to produce the precision instruments that you demand at the cost effective price you require and deliver worldwide according to our in time delivery terms and conditions.We are maintaining all international Q/C standards according to our quality standard certificates and other documents.We have a long range of manufacturing of Surgical,Dental,orthopaedic,laparoscopy,spinal,cardiovascular,Eye,Neuro & all kind of Instruments over 30 years of excellence.

    Please feel free to contact us for any type of inquiry.

    Thank you for your time.


    Adat Surgical Corporation

    Managing director

    Hizar Tanveer



    Small industrial estate sialkot Pakistan 🇵🇰


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