Biochemistry Incubator
  • July 23, 2023 6:22 am
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This product is suitable for environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock, aquatic products and other scientific research, universities, and production departments. This product is a special constant temperature device for water body analysis and BOD determination, bacteria, mold, microorganism cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments. (The temperature setting at 20~37℃ can be used to eliminate the crystallization of mannitol solution)


  • * The refrigeration adopts a new fluorine-free design to ensure environmental protection.
  • * With parameter memory function, automatically resume operation.
  • * The inner box is designed with a circular arc structure, which is easy to clean.
  • * Pullable movable shelves with adjustable spacing.
  • * Equipped with casters, easy to move.
  • * The temperature is controlled by microcomputer technology, which is accurate and reliable. It adopts liquid crystal display, and the current working status is displayed on the screen.
  • * Light touch adjustment switch operation, light and flexible. Equipped with over-temperature alarm device.
  • * The fan in the box forms forced convection, which makes the average temperature in the working room better.
  • * The box body is made of high-quality steel plate, and the surface is sprayed. The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • * The inner box is equipped with a lighting device for easy observation.
  • * The chamber door of the studio is magnetically sealed, and is equipped with a hollow glass observation window, which has good sealing performance and is convenient to close. It can directly observe the culture in the working chamber.
  • * Equipped with a power socket, which can provide power for BOD testing equipment, oscillators and other small instruments installed in the incubator.
  • *A variety of additional function options:
  • 1. Micro printer, paper record of temperature data;
  • 2. USB data output port, electronic file recording of temperature data.


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