Constant Climate Chamber (Humidity Chamber)
  • October 19, 2023 9:53 am
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of) 🇮🇷

FG, ZF model is the specialist for reliable stability testing and precise maintenance of constant climatic conditions.

From programming to documentation, it meets all important guidelines such as ICH, GMP and GLP. With it’s high capacity reserves, automatic water and wastewater
management and many options, the FG ZF series is well prepared for the future.

Available Capacities: 120, 240, 400, 700, 1400 Liters


  • Suitable for stability tests according to ICH guideline Q1A (R2)
  • Ethernet (LAN) interface for connecting to PC
  • FG Lab Software for easy controlling & programming
  • SMS alarm
  • Temperature and humidity stability and reproducibility
  • Uniform circulation even fully loaded
  • PID controller
  • User- friendly TFT LCD color screen with touch key
  • Very tight door closure with 2-point door latch
  • Special design to prevent glass steam
  • Frost-free
  • 4 casters (2 Fronts caster with brake)
  • Automatic temperature monitor
  • fully stainless steel interior design
  • Inner glass door
  • Real-time clock
  • Circulation fan
  • Water sensor protection thanks to anti-polar technology
  • Vapor pressure humidification with fast response time
  • Drift-free, capacitive humidity sensor