Ducted Fume Hood FH(P)
  • July 17, 2023 11:47 am
  • China 🇨🇳

It is a new type of technical equipment for air-conditioned workshop and clean workshop. Widely used in electronics, chemical, machinery, medicine, universities, laboratories and other fields. The fume hood can be used for the operation of potentially dangerous or unknown infection factors, as well as the experiment of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosive and volatile. Protect operator and sample safety.


  • 1. It is safer to use anti-corrosive water tap.
  • 2. Microprocessor control system, LED display
  • 3. With memory function in case of power-failure
  • 4. Made of porcelain white PP, resistant to acid, alkali and anti-corrosion.
  • 5. Front window which is made of thick transparent toughened glass maximize light and visibility inside the fume hood, providing a bright and open working environment.


China 🇨🇳