Veterinary Syringe Pump
Veterinary Syringe Pump
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Veterinary Syringe Pump
Veterinary Syringe Pump
  • July 13, 2023 8:37 am
  • China 🇨🇳

The device, as auxiliary infusion device, equipped with independent dual-core CPU, intelligently controls the whole process of infusion. With peristaltic pump as power source, real-time monitoring by multiple sensors, and multiple alarm functions, the device can meet the requirements of infusion under various circumstances, overcome the shortage of gravity infusion, meet the needs of clinical intravenous infusion and improve the accuracy of intravenous infusion.


  • 1. Reliable quality, less service.
  • 2. Classic numeric key button for easiest operation, within 10 meters doctor & nurse can learn how to use it.
  • 3. One-button night mode for patient’s comfortable rest at night.
  • 4. 100-240V wide voltage range to match different markets & hospitals.
  • 5. Free stacking of single syringe pumps for easy docking station, applicable both to normal wards and ICU, NICU & OT etc.
  • 6. One page LCD screen for clear vision of all parameters.
  • 7. 8 hours + battery support.
  • 8. ISO & CE Certificate


China 🇨🇳